Actual color is a much deeper shade of violet-purple than pic shows
New blooms on appx 4-mo-old plant
AV #1: "Love Plant" (LP/no-ID) is a standard size AV, medium-dk green foliage with red backing, heart shaped leaves. Blooms are single/semi-double, slightly wavy edge, violet/purple with faint white geneva edge at bloom opening . A pretty AV, leaves set easily and produce many babies. (Blooms are a deeper violet-purple than pics show) 

Reference #: LP2012
AV #2: "Belle" (BL/no-ID) is a large standard AV, variegated medium dk green, white & pink oblong foliage, slightly serrated edge, purple under green and pink under white backing. Shell pink blooms. Gorgeous!! 

Reference #: BL2012
"Belle"  Ref  #: BL2012
Appx 4-mo-old plant
AV #3: "Thumper's Flower" (TF/no-ID) is a standard size AV, medium light green foliage with light green backing, serrated edge, heart shaped leaves. blooms wavey edged single/semi-double white with purple/dk blue edging. Very beautiful hardy AV. 

Reference #: TF2012
Parent Plant (not for sale): "TF/no-ID)" Standard, med/lt green foliage, wavy white & purple bicolor blooms
Appx 4-mo-old plant
First bloom on Appx 4-mo-old plant

AV #4: AVSA vintage miniature- (Baker); crown variegated foliage, single/semi-double cerise blooms said to be white with cerise eye (they appear to be solid lavender-blue in online pics so ?) This little cutie is an extremely hardy AV; leaf sets will produce a multitude of babies!
   Reference #: SP2012
Close up of Sprite-ly bloom & buds
Adult Sprite-ly in a 2" terra cotta pot, shown with quarter for size comparison
Multiple Sprite-ly babies in 1" clay pots

Prices for fresh harvested leaves start at $1.00/up, rooted leaves start at $2.00/up; Plantlets priced according to variety, size, age, number per pot, and type of pot; prices generally start at 
$3.00 to $4.00/up 

Sales limited to availability, subject to change. Please use Reference Numbers (where available) when making inquiries.
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AV #5: "DubleTruble" (DT/no-ID) is a large standard AV, dk/medium green, red-purple backed oblong shaped foliage. Single to semi-double pink blooms speckled with purple/dk blue fantasy flecks. This beauty produces a profusion of blooms.

 Reference #: DT2012
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AV #6: AVSA #9941 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Standard. Double dark plum star blooms with light pink fantasy puffs. Dark green, ovate, quilted, serrated. (The flowers are a much deeper wine color that the pics show) Heavy bloomer with large leaves.

[Received Best New Cultivar Award at the 2002 AVSA convention]

Reference #: OI2012
DubleTruble blooms
DubleTruble closeup of buds & bloom
Optical Illusion bloom showing pink fantasy puffs
Optical Illusion bloom, this one has a "pinto" pattern
Optical Illusion, actual bloom color is a much deeper wine
Optical Illusion
This Optical Illusion's first blooms were lacking in pink fantasy spots but developed them later
Ultra Violet Moonshot
Ultra Violet Moonshot
Ultra Violet Moonshot
Ultra Violet Moonshot

AV #7: AVSA (Green Circle/B. Johnson) Single- semidouble lavender ruffled pansy. Medium green "girl foliage" (ruffled) , Standard. 

The blooms are a darker lavender/periwinkle blue than the pics show.  A lovely and unusual variety!

Reference #: MS2012
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Due to space constrictions (the plant room has become a frog room!) we are not propagating African Violets at this time. Page will be updated when we have plants available for sale again, until then enjoy viewing the pics of our flowers and the frogs that took over their space  Thanks! 

(Nope, the frogs aren't for sale either, lol) ;)