Actual color is a much deeper shade of violet-purple than pic shows
New blooms on appx 4-mo-old plant
AV #1: "Love Plant" (LP/no-ID) is a standard size AV, medium-dk green foliage with red backing, heart shaped leaves. Blooms are single/semi-double, slightly wavy edge, violet/purple with faint white geneva edge at bloom opening . A pretty AV, leaves set easily and produce many babies. (Blooms are a deeper violet-purple than pics show)

Reference #: LP2012
AV #2: "Belle" (BL/no-ID) is a large standard AV, variegated medium dk green, white & pink oblong foliage, slightly serrated edge, purple under green and pink under white backing. Shell pink blooms. Gorgeous!!

Reference #: BL2012
"Belle"  Ref  #: BL2012"Belle"Appx 4-mo-old plant
AV #3: "Thumper's Flower" (TF/no-ID) is a standard size AV, medium light green foliage with light green backing, serrated edge, heart shaped leaves. blooms wavey edged single/semi-double white with purple/dk blue edging. Very beautiful hardy AV.

Reference #: TF2012
Parent Plant (not for sale): "TF/no-ID)" Standard, med/lt green foliage, wavy white & purple bicolor blooms Appx 4-mo-old plantFirst bloom on Appx 4-mo-old plant

AV #4: AVSA vintage miniature- (Baker); crown variegated foliage, single/semi-double cerise blooms said to be white with cerise eye (they appear to be solid lavender-blue in online pics so ?) This little cutie is an extremely hardy AV; leaf sets will produce a multitude of babies!

  Reference #: SP2012
Close up of Sprite-ly bloom & budsAdult Sprite-ly in a 2" terra cotta pot, shown with quarter for size comparisonMultiple Sprite-ly babies in 1" clay pots
Prices for fresh harvested leaves start at $1.00/up, rooted leaves start at $2.00/up; Plantlets priced according to variety, size, age, number per pot, and type of pot; prices generally start at
$3.00 to $4.00/up

Sales limited to availability, subject to change. Please use Reference Numbers (where available) when making inquiries. [Local pick up only, shipping not available at this time]
The pictures below show some of the plants we occassionally have babies available from, please specify reference number when ordering; Parent plants not for sale.
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AV #5: "DubleTruble" (DT/no-ID) is a large standard AV, dk/medium green, red-purple backed oblong shaped foliage. Single to semi-double pink blooms speckled with purple/dk blue fantasy flecks. This beauty produces a profusion of blooms.

Reference #: DT2012
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AV #6: AVSA #9941 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Standard. Double dark plum star blooms with light pink fantasy puffs. Dark green, ovate, quilted, serrated. (The flowers are a much deeper wine color that the pics show) Heavy bloomer with large leaves.

[Received Best New Cultivar Award at the 2002 AVSA convention]

Reference #: OI2012
DubleTrubleDubleTrubleDubleTruble bloomsDubleTruble closeup of buds & bloom
Optical Illusion bloom showing pink fantasy puffsOptical Illusion bloom, this one has a "pinto" pattern Optical Illusion, actual bloom color is a much deeper wine
Optical IllusionThis Optical Illusion's first blooms were lacking in pink fantasy spots but developed them later
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AV #7: AVSA (Green Circle/B. Johnson) Single- semidouble lavender ruffled pansy. Medium green "girl foliage" (ruffled) , Standard.

The blooms are a darker lavender/periwinkle blue than the pics show.  A lovely and unusual variety!

Reference #: MS2012
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