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Species/Morphs Currently Working With 
(updated Dec 2022)

Armadillidium sp.

-A. Maculatum Zebra: Regular; Chocolate; "Gem Mix"; Yellow Stripe/Dal project

-A. Vulgare: "Gem Mix"

-A. Klugii: Montenegro; Pudding; Dubrovnik; Dubrovnik Red; Montenegro Orange; "Balkan Sunset" project

-A. Granulatum

-A. Nasatum (Normal, Peach, Pearl)

-A. Werneri, Orange

-A. Gestroi


Porcellio sp.

-P. Scaber: Koi & Lotto

Porcellio TITANS 

-P. Hoffmannseggi, original type & chocolate. (Have one culture producing ivory) 

-P. Bolivari 

-P. Ornatus, chocolate high yellow 

P. Haasi High Yellow



-Cubaris Murina "Little Sea" 

-Dwarf White

-Porcellionides pruinosis, Powder Blue & Oddballs; Powder Orange; Oreo Crumbles; Orange Cream; Powder Mix and Candy Crush Powder Mix.
Springtails also available occasionally.
(Temperate White, Tropical Pink, Silver- small)



Iso-Happy Isopod Chow "Blue-Plate Special":
(Food blends that change according to availability of ingredients. Your isopods eat what ours eat!)

Current mix (Feb 2023):

Ground tan flax seed
Nutritional yeast flakes
Ground mixed dried insects
Dandelion leaf powder
Powdered premium tropical fish flakes
Mixed dried flower petals/buds

2.3 oz isopod chow by weight in a heavy duty reusable 8 oz deli container: $12.00

Pacific Northwest green forest moss; dried. 100% natural with no dyes or artifical ingredients. 1 quart bag: $5.00